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Strategic Overview
Based on our available natural resources, existing expertise and established developments, the initiative focuses on three streams of alternative energy:
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-Energy – (including ethanol, bio-diesel and bio-mass).
The true potential for alternative energy development will be determined through the gathering and analysis of information regarding current technologies, regulations and business models that are currently being used or developed. The information collection and analysis requires a number of individual studies/projects in order to understand the full scope of recommendations for potential implementation moving forward.

To support the communication and awareness of the initiative, the sponsoring organizations established an Advisory Committee consisting of 15 members from the region who are focusing on activity in five key areas.

The committee will:

  • Review information on alternative energy opportunities and strategies specific to bio-energy, wind and solar energy
  • Identify development barriers and recommend political lobbying strategies to support the growth of this sector in the region
  • Identify specific growth opportunities and make recommendations on developing industry interest
  • Recommend public consultation strategies to enhance broad-based awareness and understanding of the benefits and opportunities for developing alternative energy systems
  • Encourage local applications of alternative energy opportunities both at the municipal and individual stakeholder level.
The committee will also work together to:
  • Gather information and research on the targeted alternative energy systems
  • Channel information through the various potential stakeholders; developers, residents, businesses, government etc., creating a better understanding and acceptance of alternative energy systems for the region.
  • Provide a long-term, comprehensive strategic plan that will build these systems in a sustainable manner.
  • Secure the addition and expansion of related businesses and industry, in order to provide sustainable economic development.
  • Identify and support the development of systems that will provide energy directly to the individuals and organizations in the region, vs the traditional utility companies.
  • Commence activities that will meet the stated objective of becoming the “Leader in Alternative Energy Production and Manufacturing in the World”.
The SAAEP partnership of the three sponsor organizations (Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance, Economic Development Lethbridge and SouthGrow Regional Initiative) represents a collaboration of 38 communities that has achieved some notable successes and a positive impact in creating increased awareness and business development related to alternative and renewable energy. These successes include but are not limited to:
  • Conducting an extensive public consultation process throughout the entire region which is documented in the “Green Growth Plan”
  • Completing more than $400,000 on local projects, events, and research over the last four years; key studies, maps and information are listed on this site
  • Developing a website to support our collaboration and networks;
  • Participating at trade shows, building valuable connections with industry and and increasing visibility and awareness of our region nationally and internationally
  • Sharing information with educational institutions, agencies and national organizations on renewable energy as an economic driver, which has spin-off positive impact on conservation and education
  • Developing a communications plan through industry consultation and partnership-building
  • Supporting more than $1.15 billion in new capital investment and industry development
The SAAEP sponsor organizations look forward to future and more robust collaboration and demonstrated interest from other parties who can benefit from this work; future plans may include:
  • Implementing strategic communications and industry development plans
  • Building the presence and content of the website
  • Supporting the potential development of wind, solar and bio opportunities to the region
  • Building a positive reputation for Alberta’s diversified energy portfolio
Current Status
After a period of inactivity, the founding partnership was revitalized in 2015 and the County of Lethbridge was added as a partner. The partnership is continuing to move forward with discussions and consultations in the Renewable Energy field with the aim of encouraging more investment. We believe Renewable Energy to be a major driver of economic development in the South West and South Central Regions of Alberta.  

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Strategic Overview
Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partner Representatives (PDF, 1 page)
Wind Power Investment Brochure 
Harness the Wind of Southern Alberta… where the abundant natural resources combined with the joint forces of 39 municipalities create a prime landscape for wind power investment.
Bio Energy 
Southern Alberta is considered the nexus for most of the cattle production that occurs in Alberta, which is very lucrative for any biogas company looking to become established.
Geothermal Energy 
Several opportunities exist for developing the geothermal industry in Southern Alberta. This includes the installation of heating systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
Solar Energy 
Southern Alberta has the perfect climate for using solar technology largely due to a mean winter temperature of approximately -10°C
Wind Energy 
Currently 100% of the wind farms in Alberta are situated in its southern portion as this wind has the highest potential for power generation.
Bio-Fuels Opportunities Report 
Opportunity Identification for the Bio-fuel Industry In Southwest and South-central Alberta
The Green Growth Plan Report
Find out what Southern Alberta Communities are saying about Alternative Energy.
Biodiesel Feasibility Study
BFuel Canada, in partnership with the SAAEP and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has completed an important step in establishing an Integrated Biodiesel Refinery in Southern Alberta.
2007 Waste to Energy Treatment Alternatives Study
In this report you’ll find information obtained from waste generators, waste management operators and transporters and technology vendors.
Government Initiatives for Producers
Media Releases
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