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Strategic Overview

Based on key regional renewable energy resources, existing expertise and established project capacity, the SAAEP partnership focuses on fostering three streams of energy development: Solar, Wind, and Bioenergy.

Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance Ltd. (AlbertaSW) is a Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA) of 15 communities working together to help each other succeed. The real strength of an organization is in the commitment and energy of each individual, business and community that contributes to it. AlbertaSW communities are energetically cooperative, and share a collaborative long-term strategy to grow and promote the region.

Representing over 170,000 people, SouthGrow is committed to assisting communities, organizations, businesses and people in the region to further their economic development goals and to maintain a high quality of life.

Economic Development Lethbridge, together with its 31-member volunteer Board of Directors, serves as a steward of the economic strategy for the City of Lethbridge, and ambassadors of the Choose Lethbridge brand. EDL connects, supports and promotes this city as a place for enterprise, but also as a place where businesses and citizens can thrive within a welcoming community.

Partnership Representatives

Bev Thornton, Executive Director

Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance



Visit Alberta Southwest at http://www.albertasouthwest.com

Peter Casurella, Executive Director

Southgrow Regional Economic Development



Visit the Southgrow Regional Initiative at http://www.southgrow.com

Trevor Lewington, CEO

Economic Development Lethbridge



Visit Economic Development Lethbridge at http://www.chooselethbridge.ca