Community Spotlight

County of Warnersunflower

Project: 5 Megawatt Solar Farm
Estimated Annual Generation: 7,200,000 kwh’s per year
Stage: Under Development
Proponent: Medicine Line Renewables Ltd
Community Role: Project Host


Medicine Line Renewables, an Alberta-based solar energy developer, plans on leaving the site as pasture (with only a small graveled parking area at the north end), graze the existing crested wheat grass with sheep and will have very limited concrete work.  The site is located just south of the picturesque Town of Milk River, population 827.

Where available, Medicine Line Renewables has engaged local suppliers and contractors from the region, including Trace Associates, Martin Geomatic, casual labour from Taber, Solar Plantation, and others. They plan to continue employing local consultants, contractors and labour as appropriate.

The project limits the impact on wildlife habitat, agriculture and housing. The site is a remnant of the twinning of Highway 4, is not irrigated and although cultivated, is of marginal value for farming. The site has no native prairie or grasses, no endangered wildlife species (based on environmental surveys to date), and is not an attractive location for a home – due its proximity to the railway and highway.

The project is well-advanced through the planning and approval process.  Medicine Line Renewables anticipate to be generating power by the Summer of 2019.

It has been selected by Molson-Coors as a highlighted project, showcasing solar across Canada. They have also committed to invest in the project for its pre-development phase.

Milk River_solar

The community of Milk River, AB, enjoys among the highest annual sunshine days per year in Canada