Other Renewables (Projects)

Renewable-Energy infographic

Canyon Creek Pumped Hydro Storage Project

Project proponent Turning Point Generation has been developing the Canyon Creek for several years, and received its final approvals from the AUC (Alberta Utilities Commission) in 2017.  The facility, when completed, will have the capacity to store 75MW of continuous power, for up to 37 hours, and will be designed as a long-lived asset (30 years plus).  Pumped hydro is the original renewable energy storage technology.  Approximately 300 operational projects exist worldwide today.


Hinton Geothermal Energy Project

A partnership between the Town of Hinton, AB, and Epoch Energy, a privately-held Alberta company.  Within the immediate region surrounding Hinton, over 4,000 oil and gas wells have been drilled, to depths of 2,500 meters. Significant resource potential in the form of +100 degree hot water exist in select locations/wells.  The partners have undertaken feasibility work and early-stage development.

In February 2018, the Alberta government announced significant funding for the project, leveraged by a broader pre-feasibility study for a Geothermal Energy District for the Town of Hinton.


Swan Hills Geothermal Energy Project

Calgary-based Razor Energy is proceeding with an innovative project to capture and harness high temperature waste-water from its Swan Hills oil refinery infrastructure.  The project is expected to generate up to 21MW of clean electricity, and is projected to be operational by Q1 2020. Calgary Herald article, July 30, 2019


Closed-loop Geothermal Project, Rocky Mountain House

A collaboration between Eavor Technologies, Shell New Energies, and Precision Drilling, with funding from the Canadian federal government, is driving forward a specialized geothermal energy project in western Alberta.  What sets the project apart is the focus on using the Earth’s core heat to generate geothermal energy, instead of high-temperature aquifiers or volcanic sources. There is clearly a nexus of geothermal energy technology and application innovation taking place in Alberta. 660 News, April 25, 2019


Southern AB Waste-to-Biodiesel Refinery

In July 2019, Aldersyde became a host community to Cielo Energy’s waste-to-biodiesel refinery. The company, based in Red Deer, claims to be the first Canadian company to produce fully compliant biodiesel from municipal waste.  It plans to expands it network to four plants in the coming years, across different regions of the province.  Global News, July 11, 2019