Projects Map

Above, Canadian installed wind energy as of Dec 2017, Courtesy of CanWEA

Visit Operational and Planned Renewable Energy Projects Across Alberta. Most pins contain links to more information. See below for additional Alberta and Canadian renewable energy resource maps.

purplepinWind     bluepinHydro     greenpinBio-Energy    orangepinSolar     black google pin 2 (2)Proposed Projects

white-red-star Special Sites  Blue star2 Electric Vehicle Charger

Source: Projects currently listed at Stage 2 or higher in the AESO interconnection queue.  Locations are approximate

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Key Resource and Development Maps

AESO 2017 Long-Term Transmission Plan. Includes several resources, including: Renewables Integration Capability Interactive Map

Pembina Institute Alberta Clean Energy Map

Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group Plant Map

Alberta Geothermal Potential: To see locations of abandoned and orphaned oil & gas wells in the SAAEP region, visit GeoDiscover Alberta.

CanGEA and Fuzeium Innovation’s geothermal potential study of Alberta’s oil & gas wells. Visit the Fuzeium Dashboard

Government of Alberta  Alberta Major Projects Inventory

Natural Resources Canada Solar Resource: Municipality Database of Photovoltaic Potential and Insolation

Natural Resources Canada Canadian Wind Atlas

The Atlas of Canada – Clean Energy Resources & Projects