Alberta’s Renewable Energy News

The coming energy disruption

May 14, JWN

As renewable energy costs fall, natural gas producers buy in

May 9, 2018  Calgary Herald

Enbridge and Canada Pension Plan sign renewable energy investment deal

May 9, 2018  Calgary Herald

Why Prairie Canada is primed for solar growth

Feb 1, 2018  PV Buzz

Plan would allow homeowners to pay for energy efficiency upgrades on property tax bill

April 13, 2018  Calgary Herald

Saving money while building a clean economy [with P.A.C.E. financing]

April 12, 2018 Government of Alberta press release

Alberta explores ways to soothe landowner angst as wind and solar take off

April 13, 2018 CBC

Oilsands research could be “game-changer” for renewable energy

April 12, 2018  CBC

Canada’s wind energy sector in Calgary for two day forum

April 10, 2018 CanWEA press release

Alberta opens bidding for more renewable power generation

April 4, 2018 Calgary Herald

Province announces $54 million from carbon tax for ‘greening’ cities

March 14, 2018 Edmonton Journal

Local governments can be producers or purchasers of green technology

March 5, 2018 Edmonton Journal

Energy Efficiency Alberta saves Albertans $300M in its first year

Jan 7, 2018

Alberta renewable revolution begins with launch of largest solar project in Western Canada

Dec 22, 2017 CBC

Wind power blowing oil & gas workers in new direction

Dec 22, 2017  Globe & Mail

TransAlta fast-tracks green transition, expects up to $50M in carbon credit windfall

Dec 19, 2017  Calgary Herald

Alberta wind power auction ‘blows old renewable energy myths out of the water’

Dec 14, 2017  Calgary Herald

Canada’s oil capital is making the leap towards renewable energy

Dec 14, 2017  Bloomberg

Alberta’s renewable electricity program has resulted in the lowest price ever for wind power in Canada

Dec 13, 2017  Canadian Wind Energy Association

Why a new system of industrial emissions management and standards makes sense for Alberta

Dec 7, 2017  Canadian Wind Energy Association blog

Alberta’s new ‘Carbon Competitiveness Incentives program makes ‘too much sense’

Dec 7, 2017  North American Energy News

Renewable Energy jobs provide new opportunities for Alberta workers

Nov 3, 2017  CBC News

Solar power making gains

Oct 29, 2017  Lethbridge Herald

Alberta environment minister on Canadians hitting peak fossil fuel use in 2019

Oct 27, 2017  National Observer

Louis Bull Members Learn to Install Solar Panels as Part of Retraining Program

Oct 20, 2017  Edmonton Journal

Province downplays bird-deaths issue as it expands wind-power

Oct 16, 2017  Calgary Herald

Energy transition promises new markets for Canadian wind energy

Oct 5, 2017  Canadian Wind Energy Association press release

Alberta town hopes to pull new kind of energy from old gas well

Sept 27, 2017  The Canadian Press

Wind Energy Sector Poised to Deliver $3.7B in Local Spending in Alberta (Report)

Sept 27, 2017  Canadian Wind Energy Association press release

Global Power Players from South Africa to Switzerland Eye Alberta Market

Sept 15, 2017  Calgary Herald

Strong Investor Interest in Renewables Program

Sept 15,2017  Government of Alberta press release

Simons Londonberry Unveils Solar Parking Canopies, EV-chargers

Aug 24, 2017  Youtube video and Retail Insider article

Town of Cardston and Enmax Unveil Two Significant Solar projects

Aug 19, 2017  Town of Cardston Press Release

Alberta’s Oil Workers are Shifting to Renewable Energy Jobs

Aug 14, 2017  Huffington Post

Sun Rises on Solar Rebates

June 21, 2017  Alberta Ministry of Environment & Parks press release

First Renewable Power Power Auction Draws ‘Exceptional’ Interest; AESO

June 9, 2017  Calgary Herald

Alberta Energy Minister Touts ‘exciting time’ for Renewables Sector at Calgary Conference

June 5, 2017  CBC News

As Trump Quits Team Paris, a Silver Lining for Canada

June 1, 2017  Clean Energy Canada

Why Canada’s Clean Energy Investment Plummeted in 2016

May 19, 2017  National Observer

Government of Canada Releases Technical Paper on Federal Carbon Pricing

May 19, 2017  Canadian Newswire

Wind Industry Set to Deliver Long-Term Benefits (Alberta Summit)

May 9, 2017  Canadian Newswire

TransAlta Corp Fast-tracks Transition to Cleaner Power

April 24, 2017  Calgary Herald

TransAlta Approves Plan to Accelerate Transition to Clean Power in Alberta

April 24, 2017  North-American Energy News

Federal Natural Resource Minister Delivers Closing Keynote Address at CanWEA Summit

April 5, 2017  CanWEA Press Release

Review to Explore Greener Community Power Generation

March 31, 2017  Province of Alberta Press Release

AESO Opens Renewable Energy Program Round 1

March 30, 2017  AESO Stakeholder Newsletter

Brandt Group Plans Wind Turbine Factory in Saskatoon

March 24, 2017  Saskatoon StarPhoenix News

Paris Climate Accord Could Make World $19T Richer; Report

March 21, 2017  Huffington Post Canada

 Alberta’s Capital Power Wins Innovation Award for Kansas Windfarm

March 20, 2017  American Energy News

Partnerships Kick-off North Kent Wind Project in Ontario

March 20, 2017  RENews

PEI, Already Generating 25% of Electricity from Wind, to Add 70MW

March 20, 2017  RENews

Minister Phillips Responds to Critics of Energy Efficiency Contract

March 20, 2017  Lethbridge Herald

Energy Efficiency and Solar Power for Farm Stewardship Centre

March 19, 2017  Lethbridge Herald

Calgary on Path to Become Hub for Green Energy

March 14, 2017  Metro News

Decommissioning Canada’s Oldest Wind-farm

March 8, 2017  Windpower Engineering & Development

Alberta Government Announces Solar Rebates for Homes and Businesses

Feb 27, 2017  Ministry press release

Enbridge Invests 49.9% Stake in German Offshore Wind Project

Feb 17, 2017  Renewables Now

Next Steps in Saskatchewan Solar Procurement Underway

Feb 15, 2017  SaskPower press release

Iron & Earth: Oilsands Workers Ready for Renewable Energy Shift

Feb 14, 2017  North American Wind Power Magazine

Canadian Technology Employed in French Offshore Wind Sector

Feb 10, 2017  North American Wind Power Magazine

Feeding Frenzy Expected at Acclaimed Alberta Tenders

Feb 8, 2017  RECharge News

SaskPower Starts 200MW Wind Search

Feb 8, 2017

Quebec’s First Community Windfarm Comes Online

Feb 6, 2017  North American Wind Power Magazine

Enercon Tops Rivals in Canadian Wind Market

Feb 1, 2017  RECharge News