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Around the world, solar is now the fastest growing renewable energy source. By 2050, the International Energy Agency predicts over 30% of global energy needs will be met by solar energy (IEA).

Solar Energy is harnessed in two ways: Electric and Thermal.  Solar photovoltaic systems convert the energy in photons of light to electricity.  Solar thermal systems transfer heat from the sun’s infrared rays to water, or to a fluid such as glycol.

General Resources

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta

Since 1976, SESA has provided comprehensive guidance regarding solar regulations, contractors, incentives and more.

Canadian Solar Industries Association

Canada’s national organization for the solar industry

PV Watts, by NREL

Leading online solar calculator, provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Alberta Micro-Generation

Fortis Alberta: Get Connected

A simple, infographic-based guide to the micro-generation process with Fortis

Ministry of Energy

Contact information, application forms, and the official Micro-gen regulation

Epcor: Apply for Micro-Generation

Micro-gen steps to success for Epcor-connected customers


 Solar Financing

RBC-Solar Panel Financing for Business

ScotiaBank Eco-Energy

TD Bank; A Homeowner’s guide to solar energy


Utility-Scale Development

Wildlife for Solar Energy Projects

Interim guidelines to help industry minimize environmental impacts of large-scale solar development in Alberta