Wind Energy

ab-wind-map-1The SAAEP Region is Part of the Great Canadian Wind-patch

The first utility-scale wind farms in Canada were built here.  Beginning with Cowley Ridge in 1993, and Castle River in 1997, wind energy has continued to thrive as an important source of pollution-free electricity, and an important economic driver, in Southern Alberta.

Today, the province has a wind energy capacity of 1,479MW, featuring over 900 turbines from several leading manufacturers such as Vestas, Enercon, GE and Siemens.  In regards to electricity prices, wind in Alberta has actually helped decrease costs for rate-payers, thanks to the “wind discount” that requires wind operators to bid into the power pool at rock-bottom prices.  This however has created an uneconomic situation for windfarm operators.  The last four major wind projects to be built in Alberta (Halkirk, Blacksprings Ridge, Old Man 2, and Bull Creek) were all financed through long term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) with third parties.

The AESO Renewable Energy Program has to date, since the first awarded projects were announced in Dec 2017, now totals over 400MW of new clean wind energy in the SAAEP economic region, and over 1,300MW province-wide.

The AESO REP program offers proponents a fixed price, bid competitively, which is weighed against the floating pool price (called a Contract-for-Differences).  This ensures developers have a sustainable, long-term return on investment, while keeping power costs within a reasonable long-term price range for rate-payers. The primary reason wind power is able to help achieve this is the “fuel” is not only clean, but free of charge.


REP 1infogr capture


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Source: AESO

Economic Benefits Snapshot

The following statistics are from the CanWEA Vision 2025, published in 2014.

“Wind energy development pays significant economic dividends.  Every 150 MW of new capacity represents:

  • $316 million in investment
  • 140 full-time equivalent jobs in construction
  • 10 permanent jobs in operations and maintenance
  • $17 million in lease payments to landowners over 20 years
  • $31 million in property tax payments to municipalities over 20 years”


Key Reports and Resources

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CanWEA Operations & Maintenance Summit Sessions  2017 (Audio)

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Recommended Wildlife Land-use Siting Guidelines (Alberta Environment)

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